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The idea behind ECRV is to produce a vehicle that is twice as environmentally friendly as today’s electric vehicles. The vehicle will be a small pick truck and final customers will be the fleets or the working vehicles. In addition, the investment will create skilled local jobs, wealth and technology.

Electric Car Conversion Project-9

The project is divided in three phases. The first is the prototype development. The second is a pre series production to sell for select clients with no profit to continue the development and the third is the serial production of this car

The company is a regular machine shop with a focus on converting gas cars to electric cars. We have the institutional support of the city of Summerside (PEI) and the financial support of the NRC for part of the labor costs of the first phase of the project.

Mrs. Magali Freiberger dos Santos is the full-time manager of the company. She has Master in Business Management and expertise of 23 years as Owner and Administrative Director of a business with more than 20 employees.

Her husband, Mr. Natal de Avila Antonini, is working full time in the company as well. He is Mechanical Engineer with Master degree in Energy area, with expertise of 26 years in mechanic projects and 10 years ownership of an auto repair shop.

This project is in line with the long-term strategic planning of the city of Summerside (Green Energy Project Phase 3) and is also in line with provincial and federal policies regarding climate change


The ECRV Project is based on five premises

Electric Conversion

•To cut operational costs and direct emissions

•Reduce CO2 emission (EV are zero emission)

•ECOnomic and ECOlogical (lower price/lower cost/lower maintenance/lower CO2)

•Reduce fuel and maintenance costs (C$ 1,700/year)


Remanufacturing Cars

Remanufactured cars are environmentally friendly. https://www.autobytel.com/auto-news/buying-a-remanufactured-used-car-104833/

• Remanufacturing is an industrial process that restores end-of-life goods to their original working condition. The re-manufacturing sector include aerospace, consumer products, electrical apparatus, heavy-duty and off-road equipment, information technology products, locomotives, machinery, medical devices, motor vehicle, office furniture, restaurant equipment, and retreaded tires. https://www.usitc.gov/publications/332/pub4356.pdf

The costs of a remanufactured car is half of a new one with the same reliability https://vehiclereman.com/

Reduce CO2 -> Manufacturing is half of total emissions 

Correct waste use and/or disposal (Scrap Yard mix everything) 

Serial Production

Reduce labour demand in comparison of a single conversion 

Better deals with suppliers 

Constant improvement 

Electric Car Conversion Project-6

Small Pick-Up Truck

Pickup trucks are a very important niche for fleets. 

Big pickup trucks are strong and safe but usually over sized (big polluters). 

These vehicles are very expensive to convert into electricity. 

Fleets resized with small pickup trucks where a big is not necessary. 

Smaller vehicles -> – CO2 production / – Particles (brake/tire wear). 

Economic and ecological gains and leveraging the local industry. 

Fleet Vehicle (Working Vehicle)

Vehicles is bought by reason not by passion. 

Focus on cost. 

Annual saves of C$ 1700,00/vehicle (maintenance + fuel) 

Reliable product (less time lost for repairs)

Positive Impact
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