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Upcycle Green Technology Auto Repair

We are passionate about caring for the environment and are proud to do so through an Eco-friendly auto repair shop 

Natal Antonini

About Us

Natal is a mechanical engineer, born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has over 27 years of practical engineering experience. Natal has a great talent for designing and producing innovated products and a proactive ability to solve problems. Natal is a visionary individual with a proven ability to introduce new products and processes to meet changing market trends. He has had his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering since 1993.

In the early 2000’s Natal finished his Master’s Degree as a Mechanical Engineer, and the theme of this thesis work was a rotary internal combustion engine with an innovative design. During this period he decided to be innovative and started working on several projects in area of internal combustion engines. To grow and have an adequate workspace to develop more ideas, he opened up a partnership with a friend in a mechanical workshop which was kept for 10 years. In this company, he developed and supervised the form of handmade replicas such as a Lotus 7, and a Porsche 550. From this, one of his patents, the Low-Temperature Turbo Charger (LTTC), was granted at the end of last year and is currently being developed by a team in Brazil.

Magali Freiberger

Magali has an extensive background with business administration, graduated Economic Sciences and post-graduated with her Master’s in Business Management and Business Administration. 

She was Administrative Director and Managed her company Siecex Despachos Aduanerios- Group Bielog www.bielog.com.br in Brazil for 23 years; the Bielog Group is a company that provides international logistics and customs clearance services. The performance and monitoring of Bielog’s annual strategic planning goals have always been Magali’s responsibility. Sales, operational, and financial managers have reported directly to Magali.

In 2018 Natal and his wife, Magali started the Immigration Project from Brazil, to Summerside. 

Why Summerside?

Summerside, PEI is the city that most meets our future life project, where we want to invest our financial resources and our know-how we have accumulated so far. Summerside is a city committed to the environment, has short and long term projects focused on renewable energy. In the strategic planning by the City of Summerside, one of the pillars is sustainability, which is the focus of Upcycle Green Technology. 

Upcycle's Green Commitment

The maintenance of vehicles is an environmentally conscious manner does not mean that we use inferior materials or methods. In fact, the latest technology and automotive products of the highest quality are generally more environmentally friendly than older tools and common procedures. At Upcycle Green Technology Auto Repair Shop, we invest in the best!

Our certified technicians are equipped with top rated equipment to ensure that your car, truck, or SUV is diagnosed and repaired properly and in a timely manner, and we provide a complete estimate of all work before any repairs are carried out. On the cleaning, storage ,and disposal side, we follow strict but direct procedures to carry out tasks in the right way – in a clean way.

Each member of our team cares about the future, and how together we can be a positive part of it in our Eco-friendly auto repair shop!

No Appointment Needed

Oil Changes

Fluid Services

Waste Oil Disposal and Recycling

Our waste and oil is picked up by an approved recycling company that diverts materials from disposal by turning waste products into raw materials. This  keeps these toxic materials from contaminating the water system. We also crush out oil filters to recover as much oil as possible for recycling. 

Metal Recycling

Larger steel pieces, aluminum, and other materials are collected and recycled. Heavy metals are also reclaimed out of catalytic converters

Tire Recycling

The discarded tired are collected by a company that recycles tires. No used tires from our auto repair shop will ever go to a landfill.

Commingled Recycling

A local recycling company picks up our paper, paperboard, cardboard, aluminum, steel, and glass weekly.

Cleaning Techniques

When parts need to be cleaned, we use non-chlorinated, low impact, and environmentally friendly cleaning products and solvents in the store

We use cloth towels and rags instead of paper in the shop. 

We use a 100% contained floor cleaner to clean the shop floors. Very little waste water escapes this contained cleaner. Waste water from small floors that do not end up in our floor cleaner enters a sawdust/sand trap where the solids are separated then removed by an approved waste disposal company.

Green Partners

When the quality is the same, we choose to work with the suppliers of ecological parts from parts and suppliers.

Aerosol Reduction

We reduce the use of aerosols through the use of refillable stray bottles where possible

Auto Parts

Many of our “hard” parts, such as engines, starters, alternators, clutches, and transmissions can be sent back to the manufacturer or to a specialist to be rebuilt or remanufactured into brand new batteries.

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