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Eco-Friendly Auto Repair for All Types of Vehicles

Upcycle Green Technology – Auto Shop truly cares about serving the needs of the Summerside community by providing Eco-friendly auto repair and maintenance services you may need for all types of vehicles.

A Upcycle’s Automotive Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection is a great way to put your mind at ease when you’re buying a used car, preparing for a road trip, or sending a child off to college. We’ll inspect each component and accurately describe any and all problems or maintenance issues we see, as well as provide a detailed breakdown of what repairs are needed and how much each will cost.

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Oil Changes

Fluid Services

Services Offered at Upcycle Green Technology - Auto Repair Shop

Express Oil Change  are the most important and one of the quickest and least expensive car maintenance services available.  They ensure that the oil in your engine is doing its job of lubricating the engine so you don’t have metal rubbing on metal causing premature wear. At Upcycle’s we believe most cars if taken care of properly, should take you 200,000 miles or more. Frequent oil changes are key to maximizing your investment in your car.

One of the most important things to do when changing your vehicle’s oil is to also check other important fluid levels in your car and top them off as needed. You might know how important an oil change is, but a motor oil change is only part of proper routine fluid maintenance.

Undercoating your vehicle can protect it from corrosion and rust. This is especially important for the undercarriage of your vehicle, which commonly comes into contact with substances such as water, chemicals such as salt, and other dirt and debris from the road. However other parts of the car can  be affected, specially the doors, hood and trunk. A full undercoating is the best way to protect your car. Without some sort of protection, your vehicle can rust and corrode, leading to part failure and extra costs.


Whether slowly coming to a stop or braking all of a sudden to avoid a collision, you trust that your brakes will work in any situation. Maintaining your brakes and performing early brake repairs will not only ensure a confident and safe stop but also save you time and money on expensive repairs.

Rotating the tires helps even the wear, to get more miles out of the set. And, while they’re rotating the tires, at Upcycle technician will check and adjust the tire pressure, to provide the best balance between handling, economy and comfort.

A tire puncture doesn’t necessarily require a new replacement tire. Often, if a screw or a nail punctures and deflates your tire, a proper tire repair will keep your tire in operating condition.

Being equipped with the right tires will make changing seasons in Canada less of a challenge, and you will be able to continue to trust your vehicle regardless of weather conditions. Therefore, when winter starts to arrive, or when spring finally comes – it is time to make contact with Upcycle and receive a fast, kind and quality service that our customers deserve.

Prevents harmful debris from entering your engine, cleans the air entering your engine, clean air burns the best.

Cabin Air Filter

Cleans the air in the passenger compartment, filters pollen and debris from the air you breathe.

Cooling System Test / Flush

The cooling system test identifies leaks. Replacing the engine coolant prevents overheating and helps to rejuvenate the seals and prevent leaks

Replacing the wiper blades

Wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or as soon as you notice a difference in driving visibility. When wiper blades no longer make proper contact with the windshield surface, they can begin to squeak, chatter, skip, smear or streak reducing driving visibility.

Power Steering

Replacing power steering fluid helps prevent wear to the components by reducing heat and friction

Light Bulb Replacement

We carry most bulbs and can normally replace these in just a few minutes.

FAQ From Customers

Nobody wants to hang around in a grubby waiting area. We have a clean space that our customers will feel comfortable in, with free Wi-Fi, cell phone chargers, coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks while they wait. 

We know your day is busy. At Upcycle you can request an appointment when it is most convenient for you by filling out our appointment form online. We will confirm your appointment within one business day by your preferred contact method.

When you bring your car in during regular business hours and need a ride home or back to work, we will provide it.

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